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National Operations Company

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The National Operations Company for Operation and Maintenance (NOMAC) is a Saudi company operating in the field of contracting and maintenance services. Founded in 2010. We focus on providing comprehensive facilities management, operation, building and construction services for the public and private sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Contact Number

011 453 2999


Sun - Thu / 9 AM - 5 PM

Our Headquarters

Riyadh - Al Nahda

The Chief Executive Officer

Abdullah Alsmery
Our vision in the National Operating Company for Operation and Maintenance (NOMAC), which extends for more than 30 years, is to provide integrated services of the highest quality to its customers, including facilities operation management, asset management, hospitality, and property management services for hotels, residential complexes and related commercial offices throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on an integrated and consistent basis and in accordance with the best international standards for operational and technological services, systems, contracts and agreements, and as ŒNOMAC˜ is on the verge of a new phase, we can only owe both We share this success. We eagerly anticipate the challenges, opportunities and new relationships the coming years will bring, God willing.

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Our Companies

Manpower Services

Ajeer Company

Ajeer is a national company with a global vision that seeks to be the first platform in providing workforce solutions and services around the world to individuals and institutions

Faster Than Lightning

Nomac Express

The national operating company, Nomac Express, provides courier, warehousing, and same-day package delivery services, while providing door-to-door shipping.

Integrated Consulting

Art Consulting Company

Fan Consulting Company provides its consulting services to all categories of the business sector in terms of administrative, financial, economic, restructuring, preparing feasibility studies for projects, and more.

Quality and food safety

Jatha Company

Shazm is a leading national company in the food field that offers its products according to the highest standards of quality and food safety

Certified translation

Al-Fasih Translation

Al-Fasih for simultaneous certified translation in all languages ​​has its headquarters in the capital, Riyadh, and is concerned with many activities

Your Place Is Vibrant

Shining Clean

A Saudi company specialized in the field of cleaning. We provide you with comprehensive house cleaning. We specialize in residential and commercial cleaning



We work mainly within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and we can implement specific projects for clients outside the region. We always strive to cover the largest possible number of neighboring regions and cities so that we can reach the entire Arab world in the future.

Target Areas

Serving our customers is the basis of our success

In the field of our services, customer service and their satisfaction is the basis of our success, so we spare no effort in making this department one of the most important departments of the National Employment Company, as it expresses the beginning of our valued customer’s contact, and passing through the service employee, and our public relations officials who study all the questions that may arise. Keep in mind, and they prepare a list in advance to respond to any inquiry or request regarding the services provided through us. If you are served, we will follow up with you, and upon completion of the service, the service will be evaluated through you to avoid any mistakes that may occur in the future. We are there to give you all care and attention before, during, and after your service
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We are ready for you

Your First Choice for Human Resources and Manpower in Saudi Arabia Nomac is your trusted partner for all your human resources and manpower needs in Saudi Arabia. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality services to meet your business requirements

When and where

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Khurais Road – Al Nahda District
from Sunday to Thursday
From 8 am to 5 pm

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