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At the National Operating Company, we always strive to provide the best services that keep pace with our vision and achieve our goals in order to deliver our message to the target class. Services that have no limits in the field of human resources, maintenance and operation.

Providing Manpower

Attracting National Cadres

As a reflection of the tireless efforts of the Ministry of Human Resources through the nationalization of many sectors, here comes our role, as the search for national competencies has become an extremely difficult matter due to the high demand for them.

Saudization Solutions

Achieving the required Saudization rates in the “Nitaqat” program is essential. We at NOMAC have harnessed our expertise to provide quality consultations capable of attracting national competencies.

Manpower Outsourcing Services

We provide our clients’ human resources needs in all engineering, administrative, and field specializations, customer services, vendors, and more, so you can find everything you are looking for.

Overseas recruitment services

On behalf of companies and institutions, “NOMAC” finds the solution to recruit workers for the benefit of their sponsors from employment offices around the world, and we supervise their recruitment to their workplace.

Flexible “Ajeer” service

Integrated recruitment solutions are provided to companies, as we provide qualified employees with long or short-term flexible work contracts with working hours in line with requirements such as providing Saudi employees during the seasonal period.

Attracting foreigners inside

We provide the service of transferring the sponsorship of any employee from within the Kingdom according to the client’s request. We also provide the service of transferring the sponsorship of all foreign employees of the client to NOMAC and work through an employment contract.

Facilities Management - Hard Services

Providing comprehensive services in the operation and maintenance of installed devices and equipment, including preventive maintenance, repairs and replacement of defective parts. Services also include maintenance of electrical systems, refrigeration, air conditioning, water and sewage systems, and more

Facilities Management - Soft Services

Facilitating services are limitless, starting with cleaning services in all their details. We also care about hospitality services with standard standards, passing through gardening services, warehouse management and transportation services, and we take you to great lengths in environmental services.

Cleaning Services

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and provide customized, high quality cleaning solutions.

Hospitality Services

Providing service personnel and always focusing on quality, cleanliness and sufficient experience to meet the needs of our customers. We strive to serve all sectors of various types.

Landscaping Services

Planting and landscaping are essential to improve the exterior and interior appearance of different sectors. We take pride in providing landscaping services with complete knowledge and experience

Pest Control Services

The National Operating Company “NOMAC” constantly strives for excellence in all its approaches towards protecting the environment, preserving its cleanliness, and adopting all the treatment methods it provides in combating harmful insects and pests.



Construction and implementation

At NOMAC”, we ensure that projects are delivered according to client expectations and that the most innovative concepts are realized in the field by applying the most effective and reliable construction processes and procedures. Construction management services focus on coordinating construction activities in accordance with budget, schedule, industry quality standards and safety regulations, while providing the most innovative and robust engineering solutions.

Restorations and finishes
In (NOMAC), we are committed to the development of buildings, renovation works and decorations of all kinds with all the experience, confidence and skill. We also carry out foundation works for office decorations, furnishing and the implementation of plaster and glass partition walls.

Logistice Services

Logistics services Logistics services Logistics services Logistics services
NOMAC is committed to the provision of superior logistics services. This has led us to establish strategic partnerships with the biggest players in the Saudi market. NOMAC has operating contracts with many commercial companies, electronic stores and food delivery application companies such as “Jahez”, “HungerStation” and “Marsool”. By 2021, the number of our delivery drivers reached 6,600 drivers distributed throughout the kingdom. We also offer the service of transporting employees and receiving guests in cars fitted with the client’s requirements.

We are ready for you

Your First Choice for Human Resources and Manpower in Saudi Arabia Nomac is your trusted partner for all your human resources and manpower needs in Saudi Arabia. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality services to meet your business requirements

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